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Vicky Martin is an award winning fine art photographer based in the UK. Although she studied art and photography in the 1990s it was not until 2008 when she was awarded a prestigious Rhubarb Rhubarb bursary that she was able to pursue photography full time. Since the Rhubarb Rhubarb bursary Vicky has had her work exhibited nationally and internationally - including Los Angeles, South Carolina, Berkeley, Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas, Minneapolis, Budapest, Berlin, Paris and London.

Throughout Vicky's practice she explores her fascination with identity and the emotions that are created by considered scenarios that are based in both fantasy and reality. Her work explores identity through staging and creating realities for characters who often display conflicting emotions with situations. Vicky seeks to encourage the viewer to ask questions of her work to which ultimately the answers depend on the viewer’s own personal identity and perceptions.

"Photography is my passion, my creative outlet that allows me to realise my ideas, giving a voice to my thoughts and feelings through narrative imagery. My driving force as a photographer is the pursuit of that elusive moment when all the elements combine together to create an image that connects on an emotional level."


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