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6th December 2018

Really excited to be on the front cover of AAP Magazine Colors issue featuring Not In Kansas.

Avaliable now https://www.all-about-photo.com/photo-publications/all-about-photo-magazine.php

5th December 2018

Thrilled to announce that Somewhere from the series Not In Kansas has been selected by YourDailyPhotograph.com

Avaliable now


9th November 2018

Delighted to be awarded Winner of the AAP Magazine Colors Issue.


3rd November 2018

Thrilled In The Bubble taken from my new series (great) Expectations has been awarded Directors Choice at The Portrait Exhibition at Praxis Gallery. (9th - 30th November)

Praxis Gallery

22nd October 2018

Delighted that Room 4215 from the series Not In Kansas has been awarded Winner of the Single Image in the Professional Fine Art Category at the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2018 and also Not In Kansas was awarded Honourable Mention for Professional Fine Art Series.


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16th December 2018

Honoured to be awarded Winner of the Professional Fashion and Beauty Category at the Chromatic Awards 2018.


21st December 2018

Very excited and honoured to be featured in Dodho issue 06.

Avaliable now: https://www.dodho.com/shop/print-edition/issue-06-print-edition-dodho-magazine/

1st Jan 2019

Really excited and honoured to have my series Not In Kansas featured and on the cover of ClickMagazine issue 57.


15th Jan 2019

Excited and honoured to have my series Not In Kansas featured in Lens Magazine issue #52.

Avaliable now:


1st February 2019

Really thrilled to have been interviewed for Dodho Magazine.  For the full interview view online at https://www.dodho.com/interview-with-vicky-martin/

18th February 2019

Thank you to the guys at Shotkit, I am thrilled to be featured talking about my camera gear.

View online at https://shotkit.com/vicky-martin/

19th March 2019

Delighted to have my series Selfhood featured in Shadow & Light Magazine Color It Red Issue.

Avaliable now :


10th May 2019

Thrilled to be a recommended artist in the June issue of British Vogue magazine.

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