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"Renowned British photographer Vicky Martin is a luminary in the realm of conceptual portraiture [...] At the heart of her work lies a profound fascination with the female experience - a fascination that has driven her to push the boundaries of artistic expression and challange the status quo." FotoNostrum Magazine Issue No.37

Vicky Martin is an award winning British photographer with a background in art and design.  She is best known for her conceptual portraits depicting the conflict between themes of fantasy and reality and strength and vulnerability, especially in relation to the female experience.

Vicky intertwines her created characters with staged realities, which seek to convey the tension and conflicts found within the self. Throughout her work she likes to explore, through strong female characters, recurring themes that she is drawn to, which include: conformity to the stereotypical, individual and societal expectations of femininity, vulnerability and self-doubt. Whilst all her works contribute to the narrative framework developed across her series', they also each depict an element of ambiguity that the viewer is invited to interpret in relation to themselves and their unique perception of the world.

Her work is held in the permanent collection of FotoNostrum Mediterranean House of Photography in Barcelona, she has been widely published and exhibited nationally and internationally, from Europe to the USA in solo and group shows and her work continues to garner many awards and nominations which include Winner of the Praxis Gallery Anthology Directors' Choice Award 2024, XIV Florence Biennale Finalist 2023, Portrait Photographer of The Year 2020 at the Minimalist Photography Awards, Finalist at the Lensculture Art Photography Awards 2019, Winner of the Professional Beauty and Fashion Category at the Chromatic Awards 2018, Winner of the All About Photo Magazine Colors issue 2018, Winner of the Single Image in the Professional Fine Art Category at the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2018 and Winner of the Professional Fine Art Series at 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards.