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8th July 2020

Really excited to announce an online joint show with Emma Coyle in Not Dior's New "Look" by The CAMP Gallery 8th July - 9th August.

15th July 2020

Delighted to have Selfhood featured in the July issue of Marvelous Art Magazine.

13th August

Extremely honoured and grateful to have been awarded Portrait Photographer of The Year 2020 at the Minimalist Photography Awards.

2nd September

Really thrilled to have been interviewed for Tagree Magazine

For the full interview view online at :

21st September 2020

Thrilled and honoured to have my work selected for the cover of Dodho Magazine Issue 14.

available now:

10th November 2020

Really delighted to be interviewed for Dodho Magazine to read full interview view online at :

17th October 2020

Thrilled to be interviewed and have my series (great) Expectations featured in Al-Tiba9 Magazine Issue 06. To read the full interview view online at:

22nd November 2020

Thrilled to have photographs from my series Curiouser and Curiouser series featured in Tagree Magazine Portfolios.

30th November 2020

It was such a pleasure to be interviewed for The Contemporary Art Modern Project - CAMP Conversations.  To read the full interview view online at:

2nd December 2020

Really thrilled to be part of "Not Dior's 'New Look' II" group online exhibition at the CAMP Gallery 2nd Dec - 17th Jan 2021

5th December 2020

Delighted to have my series Selfhood featured in Tagree Magazine.

28th January 2021

Excited to have been invited to discuss my work with Photoworld Bulgaria during their Photoworld Live episode in the Inspiration Feeder segment.     (23.30min marker)

31 January 2021

Thrilled to have my series Selfhood on the cover and featured in MVIBE Magazine Issue 8 Fine Art.

29th March 2021

Merci beaucoup to the art critic, writer and poet Jean Paul Gavard Perret for writing so beautifully about my work on Café Valpins, De l'art Helvétique Contemporain and featuring my interview on Le Litteraire. Je suis très ravi!

6th May 2021

Delighted to be interviewed for Art News Agency

6th May 2021

Really excited to give the opening remarks for Stories: Narrative Photography International Group Exhibition at PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

2nd May 2021

Thrilled and excited to announce my gallery representation with Inside Out Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

17th May 2021

Thrilled to have my series (great) Expectations featured in Tagree Magazine.

9th June 2021

Excited to have my series (great) Expectations featured by Aesthetics of Photography, featured artists Vol 1.

16th June 2021

Honoured to be named PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH - MAY 2021 by ITSLIQUID.